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The Conference is held since 2003 annually in Prague, Czech Republic. Today this Conference is the only one international experts meeting in the world, devoted to expertise in construction and mostly judicial expertise in construction, which is held on regular basis. During past 15 conference meetings the Conference welcomed the participants from more than 50 countries. The participation in the Conference will be a great opportunity for professionals to take part in an outstanding event and to share knowledge and new directions in construction expertise and real estate appraisal.

The Keynote of the 17th Conference – Current problems of appraisal.

The conference is intended for practicing experts in the field of construction and real estate appraisal, practicing lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, corporate counsel, academics and professionals interested in and/or involved in construction expertise and arbitration.


  1. Construction expertise and appraisal Best Practice and Standards. New methods in construction expertise.

  2. The use of construction experts – practice, procedures and problems. National/Regional Code of Practice for Experts. Remuneration of Experts.

  3. Claim, cost, defects and delays analysis and mitigation. Forensic engineering and investigations in construction.

  4. Expertise as a vital tool of effective dispute resolution in construction. The role of experts in different processes – Negotiation, Mediation, Adjudication and Litigation. New opportunities for experts within ADR. Expert as an arbitrator in construction disputes.

  5. Construction expertise legislation - present and future. International and national registers of judicial experts. The harmonization of the national lists of judicial experts in the EU. The list of European experts.

  6. Professional experts associations in construction expertise. Qualification, education, training, certification and accreditation of experts.

Detailed information on www.expertconf.com


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